i) Term Deposit       ii) Call Deposit       iii) Current A/c

Terms Deposit:We accept Deposits for various periods ranging from one month to one year and offer competitive interest rates. These deposits are available for withdrawals only upon maturity. For applicable interest rates please contact us. Subject to status, customers can avail finance against the security of their term deposits. For terms and conditions contact the Branch. 

Call Deposit: These are deposits without a fixed maturity period and can be withdrawn at any time. We do pay interest on such deposit but the interest rate will be less than applicable under term deposits. For applicable interest rates and terms and conditions contact our branch.  

Current Account: We operate current accounts on behalf of our customers. Customer can deposit and withdraw money from this account and avail chequebook facility. However no interest is paid for any credit balance in the account. Bank does charge nominal service charge to maintain the account depending upon the number of transactions in the account. For terms and conditions please contact us.


i)      Project Finance
ii)     Working Capital
iii)    Business Requirement
iv)    Property Advance
v)     Syndicated Loans
vi)    External Commercial Borrowings
vii)   Trade Finance related business

Loans are made available subject to status and prudential due deligence. For Terms and Conditions and Interest Rates, Commission, other charges etc. Contact us

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